Monday, June 18, 2007

About This Site

Welcome. This is the companion site to Not on DVD. You can read the rationale for that site in more detail, but essentially it’s a resources for scholars, educators, librarians, and cinephiles interested in information on and discussion about film and media works not available on the home video market.

However, a number of lucky films make it each year to DVD. Newspaper features like Dave Kehr’s and sites like Greencine Daily provide important DVD release news, but there’s still a lack of centralized location for a range of more obscure films, especially when one ventures toward the experimental, nonfiction, archival, or international realms. This site hopes to be such a central forum for announcements and discusssion.

Membership is open. Those who wish to become contributing members can email me. Or folks can send news and queries my way for posting here.

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